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Well how time is flying, we are now well and truly settled on Ibiza! Cosmo is 8 months old, the sun is shining each day and the temperature is up in the 30’s most days!  The days consist of walks and swimming down by the sea or in the countryside with Cosmo, picking grapes off vines &  almonds and figs off the trees.  Ibiza has a full bounty and I am sure you could live off the land if you so desired which I might soon as I have this calling to walk around the whole island in September (maybe something to do with being 40 on the 6th September?) and leaving with just enough food for 24 hours!  I will keep you posted!

We have been busy with teachings and treatments with www.IbizaReiki.com and also had an amazing visitor in the form of Lilo the Shaman that we spent time with in Peru, when we left her in Cusco she looked at me and said she would come to Ibiza.  Then we left it to the spirits and here she was, falling in love with Ibiza, swimming in the sea and holding  2 workshops- they were an amazing success:

Are we ‘living the dream?’, yes we are!  Although I do have to pinch myself quite often and remind myself where I am and what I am now doing NOW!  It feels a long time ago that I was driving up to 500 miles a day visiting clients and stuck on the m25, and before you ask, NO I would not change anything, I love the journey I am on!


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Cutie Cosmo

We have a new addition to the family… Cosmo the cute puppy!  He is adorable and like Toby was also born on Ibiza.  A mixture of labrador and your guess is as good as mine, he is 2 months old and came from one of the dogs homes here on Ibiza.

Hmmm how easy is it to forget how much attention a puppy needs and sooooo much time.  Even though we have both previously had dogs we’d both forgotton how much training is involved and what a routine.  Oh well it will all be worth it when we have a very well behaved and trained dog.

We’ve had him for 4 days and apart from a slight blip the day after he arrived when he got sick and lethargic, he’s making really good progress already.  He can sit and is house trained, he sleeps really well and like us he loves to be warm.  Now we just need to work on the rest…

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Toby and Belinda's new home

Well it’s been a while since we last had somewhere to call home but we are pleased to announce that we now have a home again.  The last home was in Chester, which we left 16 months ago and although it’s still there we don’t feel like it’s our home anymore.  During the past 16 months we have lived quite an adventure – traveling Spain with our car packed full of useful stuff and then Latin America with only small backpacks to live out of and now Ibiza.  The first few months here on Ibiza have been a settling in period, getting used to the island and finding our feet and a new home.

We moved in with the help of a couple of friends on Sunday, thank you Jinny and Mike.  We are blessed with renting a beautiful little detached white finca in the tranquil countryside  of San Carlos, off the Cala San Vincent road – it is just what we were hoping for;  a cute 2 bed house that was reformed 2 years ago leaving the adjoining animal corales untouched and intact, the landlord is Ibicencan, lovely and grew up here when it was merely 2 rooms built from stone.

Us with our lovely landlord

The house has been totally modernised with electricity, new kitchen and bathroom but keeps it’s old well which stores rain water over the winter, come summer time we will need to buy a delivery of water to fill it up again which is relatively cheap – €90.  Our new home even comes with internet and a small sea view (or peek through the almond trees more like).  We have lots of land around us and plenty of space for a veg patch, Toby is busy planting Aloe Vera and scented Geraniums as I type!

Our first guest is booked in already – Kirstie will be visiting early March, with lots of you planning to visit at a later date.

Enjoying the sunshine on the terrace

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Well what a first few months its been living on Ibiza, our journey continues with us settling down and really feeling ‘at home’!  I (Toby) have the most amazing feelings that I am truly home and that I would be happy if I never left the island again, I know I am amazingly lucky to be in this position of being back where I was born and loving it. 

We are both loving the island, the people, the way of life and many old and new friends that we have made.  Feeling part of a community is so nice, going out and seeing people we know in town or on the beach, knowing the shop keepers name, going into Anitas bar in San Carlos and Vicente knowing us, this is all a new way of life to me and it really does feel settling.  Even dealing with the bank here is a pleasure, if we need to do anything bank related we generally visit the branch and walking in you get a ‘Hola Toby & Belinda’ could you imagine that in Barclays bank in Chester!

We realise that winter here is very different from what we will experience in the summer, going out at the moment is like being out with all your best friends, people generally go to the same places on particular days or nights so Sunday is flea market at Cala Llenya, Friday lunch is Fish & Chips at Ocho, Friday night is great at SOTO in Ibiza town etc.  During the winter people have the time to socialise more and relax before the mad summer season, there are no traffic jams, beaches are deserted and life has a very ‘relaxed’ feel about it-lovely!

Life here seems to be falling into place, we have set up www.IbizaReiki.com and this is taking off little by little, Belinda is working hard on www.ChasingHappiness.net and even got a double page spread in the Sunday Times style magazine last week which is amazing!

We are also moving to our new house next week, a lovely little detatched house in the tranquil countryside just near San Carlos and we can’t wait for that!

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As we draw closer to the end of 2009 our thoughts turn to the past year and WOW what a year it has been.  It all began with a party and the celebration of my 40th birthday, most enjoyable and lovely to spend with so many friends and family members, thank you.  How apt that at the point of ‘life beginning when your 40’ we then spent 9 months travelling Latin America and finding out more about life. A huge change in lifestyle, budget and thought processes.  Leaving the UK and our families and friends, especially Gemma and Kirstie to taste more of what the world has to offer is a big leap and not one that too many would dare.

The leap worked for us and highlights of our travels have to include; Flying around Christo in a helicopter and Carnival, Rio.  Discovering Argentina in March with its culture and magnificent natural beauty spots of Iguazu Falls, the gigantic glacier of Puerto Moreno and the lake district of Bariloche, a cross between Canada and Switzerland – all educational and revealing.  We liked Argentina so much we spent 3 months there and thoroughly recommend the country to anyone thinking of visiting South America.

Exploring the vastness of the rest of S. A,  Toby eventually wound down from work, as he’s known it for the past 20 years of his life and started relaxing into a more chilled and steady pace.  It was also a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends along the way who were also experiencing lifestyle changes and expanding their minds.  Duncan and Dorothy in their 60’s were  a great inspiration, living on a sail boat and travelling to wherever they fancied in the world, something they had both been doing for the past 15 years already!

July, our visit to Peru and the amazing Machu Picchu was another milestone for us in 2009.  A truly special place and spectacular sight.  It was here that we both decided to change our travelling plans and settle in Ibiza one year early!

September and our return to the UK briefly for Gemma and Stew’s wedding.  A fantastic day and a special moment – my eldest daughter married already, next it will be grandchildren!  It was lovely spending time with family and friends, just like we’d never been away.

October and with the cold weather drawing in we flee to the warmth of Ibiza, our new home.  Having arranged car and home in one very quick week we settle into new home life, enjoying the weather, beaches and countryside and yet another change of lifestyle!

The end of 2009 already and our first guest – Toby’s brother Francis, his visit overlapped with ours to London so we swapped places and left Francis to fend for himself.  Little did we know that he would be fending off the rain as it poured in on him through the roof as he lay sleeping, sorry!  Our brief visit back to the UK  mid December exposed us to some seriously cold weather and snow! It was great to be looked after by Sheila and Alan, as always, catch up with friends and we spent a fab day in London eating, shopping, theatrering and eating again for Kirstie’s birthday.  Sorry to those we couldn’t get to visit, better luck next time.

Returning back home we discovered they’d been masses of rain and a small tornado that had hit the island destroying our terrace table (as well as the leaking water through the roof) so we conveniently missed the whole thing!  Having spent a few days in London in the snow, all wrapped up, christmas decorations and lights everywhere we felt it was time to put our own festive tinsel up.  Toby went out into the forest to select a gratis tree whilst I strung our homemade decorations and made a fairy for the top.

As we approach the end of the first decade of the 2000’s my thoughts project to 2010 and another new year and this time a new decade… what will 2010 have in store for us?

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  Seasons greetings and love to you where ever you are in the world.

Belinda and Toby. x

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I went for a short drive late this afternoon and Belinda stayed at home.  I ended up at Cala Nova beach, hoping to maybe see the sunset, but at this time of year you have to be on the other side of the island, so had  a lovely walk on the beach and then something caught my eye – wow it was the ‘full moon rising’ (feel a song coming on!) over the island of Tagomago (which we here is for sale!)

Full moon rising!

wow, BIG moon!

It was amazing to see the moon coming up like this and such a lovely feeling!

So thought I would head back home then as it was getting dark and also a bit chilly, then as I got to the top of a small hill- wow again the sunset on the other side of the island- what a site!

amazing sunset

The colours were amazing, so deep, so rich, so clean, so clear.

You know what was so nice, was that I actually had the time to go and see the moon rise and the sunset.  Only just over a year ago I was working long and hard hours (some would not agree) and never had the time to stop and admire such lovely sites!

so clear

Yes I am leading a very different life now, no long hours working, but also no luxury life style that went hand in hand, so its a budget every week and a tight one as well, takes some adjusting to but we both manage very well and live within our means.

another amazing sunset over Ibiza

So would I change anything now- maybe go back to the luxury life style ……………………………..

…………..absolutely NO, I am so much happier and feel free to dedicate my energy to our next project, what is the next project, well take a look at http://www.IbizaReiki.com this is one of the projects we are working on at the moment!

Full moon rising!

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