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Toby and Belinda's new home

Well it’s been a while since we last had somewhere to call home but we are pleased to announce that we now have a home again.  The last home was in Chester, which we left 16 months ago and although it’s still there we don’t feel like it’s our home anymore.  During the past 16 months we have lived quite an adventure – traveling Spain with our car packed full of useful stuff and then Latin America with only small backpacks to live out of and now Ibiza.  The first few months here on Ibiza have been a settling in period, getting used to the island and finding our feet and a new home.

We moved in with the help of a couple of friends on Sunday, thank you Jinny and Mike.  We are blessed with renting a beautiful little detached white finca in the tranquil countryside  of San Carlos, off the Cala San Vincent road – it is just what we were hoping for;  a cute 2 bed house that was reformed 2 years ago leaving the adjoining animal corales untouched and intact, the landlord is Ibicencan, lovely and grew up here when it was merely 2 rooms built from stone.

Us with our lovely landlord

The house has been totally modernised with electricity, new kitchen and bathroom but keeps it’s old well which stores rain water over the winter, come summer time we will need to buy a delivery of water to fill it up again which is relatively cheap – €90.  Our new home even comes with internet and a small sea view (or peek through the almond trees more like).  We have lots of land around us and plenty of space for a veg patch, Toby is busy planting Aloe Vera and scented Geraniums as I type!

Our first guest is booked in already – Kirstie will be visiting early March, with lots of you planning to visit at a later date.

Enjoying the sunshine on the terrace


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“So what is it like living on Ibiza?” friends and family are asking.  Well we love it but that doesn’t really explain anything does it.  Ok, I’ll try and expand a little.  We live on a small budget at the moment while we are working most days on various internet projects, compared to our extravagant lifestyle in England this is chalk and cheese.  But actually we like it!  We prefer our simple lifestyle in exchange for freedom and time, afterall there isn’t really that much to spend money on at the moment here in the low season of winter.  There are a few supermarkets on the Island but nothing like the choice and range you get back in blighty, so actually we naturally spend less on food – no convenience foods or specialised humus here, in fact no humus at all!  Also no shopping malls remember and for me that means there are only a few clothes shops that are suited to my taste and they are scattered far and wide across the Island, so not much chance of a mad shopping spree here.

John and Belinda on the craggy cliff

Eating out is very limited in the winter, which suits our pocket at the moment, lots of home cooked meals and cakes – yum, yum.  And our passion for travel is being satisfied by our daily discovery trips.  We pick a different location each day to visit around the middle of the day when the sun is at its warmest and the light at its best;  We have trekked through forest to the craggy coast, north of Sant Agnes, courtesy of our dear friend John.  Hiked to a lovely rocky outcrop and 17th century lookout tower at the end of Salinas beach.  Ambled around Dalt Vila, the old town of Ibiza at siesta time.  And shared one of the best paella’s at Cala Llenya flea market.

First paella of the year!!!

We have rekindled friendships with old friends and made new friends very quickly.  There is an easy and relaxed living vibe in the air, people are open and friendly not guarded and unwelcoming.  The weather helps as the sun is shining most days and we’re still not wearing coats yet!  But thats not to say there’s a distinct lack of problems here, far from it, Ibiza seems to attract people with issues but then again where doesn’t?

We are missing family and friends from the UK but as we both come from displaced families we are used to it and visits are treasured even more, we are looking forward to our first visitor in 10 days – Frances, Toby’s brother.  And at least we both have more time to spend with loved ones now when they visit.  So yes, a little taster of how we are getting on over here.  As Christmas hasn’t hit the Island yet we have been pardoned the media furor that has been forced upon most of you reading this, which is nice.  But that reprieve will soon be broken as we plan for a trip to the south of England in 2 weeks… bring on the madness!

p.s  you will all be glad to know that it is tipping it down here as I write this, think you’ve sent some of your rain this way!  Well you can jolly well have it back!

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