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Well what a first few months its been living on Ibiza, our journey continues with us settling down and really feeling ‘at home’!  I (Toby) have the most amazing feelings that I am truly home and that I would be happy if I never left the island again, I know I am amazingly lucky to be in this position of being back where I was born and loving it. 

We are both loving the island, the people, the way of life and many old and new friends that we have made.  Feeling part of a community is so nice, going out and seeing people we know in town or on the beach, knowing the shop keepers name, going into Anitas bar in San Carlos and Vicente knowing us, this is all a new way of life to me and it really does feel settling.  Even dealing with the bank here is a pleasure, if we need to do anything bank related we generally visit the branch and walking in you get a ‘Hola Toby & Belinda’ could you imagine that in Barclays bank in Chester!

We realise that winter here is very different from what we will experience in the summer, going out at the moment is like being out with all your best friends, people generally go to the same places on particular days or nights so Sunday is flea market at Cala Llenya, Friday lunch is Fish & Chips at Ocho, Friday night is great at SOTO in Ibiza town etc.  During the winter people have the time to socialise more and relax before the mad summer season, there are no traffic jams, beaches are deserted and life has a very ‘relaxed’ feel about it-lovely!

Life here seems to be falling into place, we have set up www.IbizaReiki.com and this is taking off little by little, Belinda is working hard on www.ChasingHappiness.net and even got a double page spread in the Sunday Times style magazine last week which is amazing!

We are also moving to our new house next week, a lovely little detatched house in the tranquil countryside just near San Carlos and we can’t wait for that!


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Wedding done, daughter married and off on honeymoon and now known as Mrs Ramsay!  It will take some time to get used to but we are both so happy for the newly weds!

So we have a month till we jet off  (if thats possible on Ryanair) to Ibiza for our new lives on the white isle, so what to do in the UK…..

First stop is a wet week in Perthshire, Scotland, what else would we do to really appreciate Ibiza!  I know Scotland is green, amazing scenery but why does it rain so much?  We did have  a nice time though foraging for leaves, berries and mushrooms in the damp cold rain and also spending time with Belinda’s Mum and Graham.  The hot tub and champagne did help as well!

scotland log house

Its not raining- for 1 minute!



So next stop was a sunny, very nice and warm weekend in Bournemouth on the south coast as far away from Scotland as we could go!   Staying with friends, Sam and Matt,  the highlight of the weekend had to be watching Transformers 2 on the massive outdoor screen in their garden on old car seats eating popcorn and kettle chips.  It only just about topped the previous night when we were treated to dinner in Urban Reef with too much wine and a greasy burger in the early hours- what a perfect weekend!

Back to Scotland for a week at Gemma and Stew’s and more rain!  It was really nice though to be in one place after all the travelling and it gets the award for being the warmest accommodation in the UK!  Catching up on a years worth of paperwork and after tired eyes and brains we decided to treat ourselves to our first UK curry in 9 months!



its sunny with Kirstie and her short hair!



Then we flew down to Manchester (cheapest way!) met Gemma and Stew to hear about their new married life and honeymoon and then 10 days at our last house in England before leaving for travelling.  We had to book ourselves in as we now rent this as a holiday home (www.StayingInChester.com) we did feel like guests as well, but once again had a lovely time and it reminded us what a lovely city Chester is.  Another curry at City Spice (our long time favourite) which did not disappoint which included AfterEight mints and free after meal liquor which they keep just for me (amaretto)




ourdoor cinema with Sam & Matt

So then onto Birmingham  and a lovely night with Belinda’s Brother, Phil and family.  They continued the theme with lovely food, great company and lots of wine (thankyou Kerry!)  Scotland also followed us with a dark, dull wet typically English day to follow!


Arriving in Leicester to meet James who we last saw in Peru was a strange experience.  We caught him bringing in leeks, onions and other fresh organic produce from his county garden to prepare dinner.  Later after a parents evening at school Wendy came home seeking out solitude with some fantastic wine which  went down very well and we eventually hit the pillows in the early hours after sorting out the worlds problems!

One thing for sure is the welcome and hospitality of everyone that we have stayed with over the month we have been back, we have been welcomed with open arms and fed, watered and wined so well- really so much thanks to you all!



UK's best curry by Russell!



My longest standing friend was next (Diana) and back to one of my old towns of Aldershot, driving through I felt the feelings passing the Weatsheaf Pub (now closed down and looking very sad) that I spent so much time in, my Dad’s old house looking all new with a coat of paint, the ice ring where my teenage years were spent, oh how things change!

Dinner tonight was a home cooked curry by husband Russell freshly prepared from scratch, as we waited and the smells filled the air we were entertained by Lesley and Kitty the two children, OK they bashed away at a keyboard and drive me mad- only joking Di!  Now this curry was amazing and won the award for the “best curry in UK” award from us both, Russell has a talent that is not to be missed and he should open his own restaurant! Maybe on Ibiza!?

We ended as we started our time in the UK with a lovely time with my wonderful Mum and family which included my younger brother taking me out (after dropping Belinda at home) and getting me totally smashed, which I am to old for now (well maybe, or not?!) wait till Ibiza Greg!


The Llllawwwayyyeeee viaduct in Wales!



Kirstie and Matt also treated us to a lovely evening in London which was so nice and warm, and then before we knew it we were in the car and on the way to the airport to full fill a life long dream of being on a plane and heading to Ibiza to live………………………wow dreams do come true……………………………. live the dream…………

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We’re moving…to Ibiza!

As most of you know, it was our plan to travel the World for 2 years and then settle in Ibiza at the end of the 2 years, well one year on and we have had a change of plan!

We are moving to Ibiza in October 2009, a year early.

ahhh, can't wait...

ahhh, can't wait...

During this year of travelling we have experienced so many amazing things, seen many incredible sights and met some amazing and interesting people. We feel that we have both grown this year and understand more about the people and places that we have visited, this has in turn educated us and given us an incredible year.

Ibiza Old Town......

Ibiza Old Town......

Its amazing that we have both wanted to travel like this since we were in our late teens, 20 years later we have full-filled that dream and we feel like the luckiest people on Earth. To anyone thinking about giving up the big house, executive job and all the luxuries that go with it, we would say- DO IT!

During the last few months we have both had a real draw to get to Ibiza sooner rather than later, we want to get settled in our new home and continue following our journey…………


We are still going to travel but for 3 months at a time each year instead of all in one go, this will give us the best of both worlds!

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