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Cutie Cosmo

We have a new addition to the family… Cosmo the cute puppy!  He is adorable and like Toby was also born on Ibiza.  A mixture of labrador and your guess is as good as mine, he is 2 months old and came from one of the dogs homes here on Ibiza.

Hmmm how easy is it to forget how much attention a puppy needs and sooooo much time.  Even though we have both previously had dogs we’d both forgotton how much training is involved and what a routine.  Oh well it will all be worth it when we have a very well behaved and trained dog.

We’ve had him for 4 days and apart from a slight blip the day after he arrived when he got sick and lethargic, he’s making really good progress already.  He can sit and is house trained, he sleeps really well and like us he loves to be warm.  Now we just need to work on the rest…


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