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Well how time is flying, we are now well and truly settled on Ibiza! Cosmo is 8 months old, the sun is shining each day and the temperature is up in the 30’s most days!  The days consist of walks and swimming down by the sea or in the countryside with Cosmo, picking grapes off vines &  almonds and figs off the trees.  Ibiza has a full bounty and I am sure you could live off the land if you so desired which I might soon as I have this calling to walk around the whole island in September (maybe something to do with being 40 on the 6th September?) and leaving with just enough food for 24 hours!  I will keep you posted!

We have been busy with teachings and treatments with www.IbizaReiki.com and also had an amazing visitor in the form of Lilo the Shaman that we spent time with in Peru, when we left her in Cusco she looked at me and said she would come to Ibiza.  Then we left it to the spirits and here she was, falling in love with Ibiza, swimming in the sea and holding  2 workshops- they were an amazing success:

Are we ‘living the dream?’, yes we are!  Although I do have to pinch myself quite often and remind myself where I am and what I am now doing NOW!  It feels a long time ago that I was driving up to 500 miles a day visiting clients and stuck on the m25, and before you ask, NO I would not change anything, I love the journey I am on!


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