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Well what a first few months its been living on Ibiza, our journey continues with us settling down and really feeling ‘at home’!  I (Toby) have the most amazing feelings that I am truly home and that I would be happy if I never left the island again, I know I am amazingly lucky to be in this position of being back where I was born and loving it. 

We are both loving the island, the people, the way of life and many old and new friends that we have made.  Feeling part of a community is so nice, going out and seeing people we know in town or on the beach, knowing the shop keepers name, going into Anitas bar in San Carlos and Vicente knowing us, this is all a new way of life to me and it really does feel settling.  Even dealing with the bank here is a pleasure, if we need to do anything bank related we generally visit the branch and walking in you get a ‘Hola Toby & Belinda’ could you imagine that in Barclays bank in Chester!

We realise that winter here is very different from what we will experience in the summer, going out at the moment is like being out with all your best friends, people generally go to the same places on particular days or nights so Sunday is flea market at Cala Llenya, Friday lunch is Fish & Chips at Ocho, Friday night is great at SOTO in Ibiza town etc.  During the winter people have the time to socialise more and relax before the mad summer season, there are no traffic jams, beaches are deserted and life has a very ‘relaxed’ feel about it-lovely!

Life here seems to be falling into place, we have set up www.IbizaReiki.com and this is taking off little by little, Belinda is working hard on www.ChasingHappiness.net and even got a double page spread in the Sunday Times style magazine last week which is amazing!

We are also moving to our new house next week, a lovely little detatched house in the tranquil countryside just near San Carlos and we can’t wait for that!


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